Knee pain caused by the type of shoes you wear

Knee pain can be caused by the type of shoes you wear. If you spend most of your day on your feet, its important that you have shoes that properly reduce the amount of force on your feet. When standing or walking, the force from the ground with each step travels up from the foot, to the knee, to the hips and through the upper-body. So increased forces through the feet lead to increased forces through the knees, hips, and lower back joints.

When wearing steel-toed boots for example, oftentimes the sole is hard and unforgiving. Don’t be afraid to buy a replacement insert from Walmart, as it can truly make a big difference.

Another example is high-heels. These are the worst type of shoes for both foot and knee pain. Most of the your body weight is being supported by a small part of your fore-foot, close to your toes. This creates a lot of stress on the bones and muscles of the feet and toes, and can lead to injury. Try wearing flats or if nothing else, a heel with less of a sharp angle.

Even if you aren’t on your feet all day, knee pain can be caused by shoes that are old and unsupportive. After 6-9 months of wearing a pair of shoes, the rubber in the sole is unable to properly reduce the pressure placed on your body with walking and standing. Its at this point that they should be replaced in order to reduce risk of foot, knee, hip or back pain.

Look for a pair of shoes that is the most comfortable and fits properly. Every brand of shoe fits differently so take your time and try on many different brands, to see what best meets your needs.

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