How Back on Track is different!

Back on Track Therapy and Wellness (located in Wapakoneta, Ohio) was designed from the ground up, to best serve people just like you. Millions of people are living with chronic pain which takes the joy out of day to day life. We know that in today’s world, it can be difficult to make decisions about your healthcare because we are constantly bombarded with who to see, what works, what doesn’t work, etc.

In these situations, the most common decision made is no decision at all, while your pain isn’t going away on its own. Its easy to feel hopeless. Our goal is to empower you! We want you to feel heard, and to understand that there is a life for you on the other side of pain. Think back to the last time you were at a doctors visit, a chiropractor visit or another therapy visit. You spend your afternoon in the waiting room, to only see the doctor for 5 minutes or so, in most cases.

Its different here. You will be seen one-on-one by a Doctor of physical therapy, for the entire 1 hour session. No exceptions. Once you step through our doors, you have our 100% attention. Guaranteed! No more being seen 5 minutes and not getting the focus and attention that you deserve. No more being seen at the same time as 1 or 2 other patients like in many other physical therapy clinics. Insurance and deductibles are on the rise and the quality of healthcare is quickly falling! We refuse to play by the rules of the insurance companies.

By choosing Back on Track, not only is there no limits on visits, but we likely won’t ask you to come in 3 times a week. We understand that your time is valuable. Starting on the first visit, we will show you how to treat yourself! Most are only seen 1-2 times per week, but have unlimited access via the text message to our Doctor of Physical Therapy, if you have any questions during the week.

We are proud to offer a FREE “discovery session”! Its no secret that healthcare is expensive and you would rather spend your hard-earned money on the new iPhone (as would we). But with the risk-free, totally FREE discovery session, you can decide for yourself whether Back on Track is a good fit for you! Simply send a text to 937-638-0354 stating your name and “I would like to set up a discovery visit” and tell us what time works best for you!

At the discovery visit, check out the facility within the Wapak Athletic Club, meet the PT and discuss your problem. Its a risk-free way of getting the help you need, absolutely free. After the discovery session, you can then decide whether or not to continue with us! You won’t receive any pressure from us.

What you will receive is a better understanding of the cause of your pain and a road-map for how we can begin to get you back to pain-free living!


We provide long-term relief of pain through:

Individualized exercise program designed by our Doctor of PT to reduce pain and prevent its return

Spinal manipulations

Hands-on manual treatment of aches and pains


We also provide performance training for active runners and weight lifters through:

Running/gait analysis

Lifting technique analysis


Call us at 937-638-0354 to talk about your options for receiving physical therapy in Wapak!

Located within the Wapak Athletic Club at 16 1/2 Auglaize St in downtown Wapakoneta, Ohio.



Please let me know if you have any questions!

Dr. Cameron Dennis, PT, DPT

IG: @scdennisdpt