Your life is a product of your habits. Change it accordingly.

Life is built around routines. Each day we get out of bed and start our day a certain way. Some get up at 4 AM just to have quiet time and drink coffee (my father-in-law). Others get up and spend hours in the bathroom getting ready before work (every woman in my life). We go to work, we do our jobs, we come home, spend time doing either chores or playing guitar, cooking supper, etc…then we go to bed. Our bodies and our lives are a product of our habits and our routines. 

Take an objective look at your routines. Do you watch hours of TV before bed? Do you exercise? Are you getting your kids ready for bed for most of the night when you get home? Its easy to get wrapped up in our routines and the time really flies by! Its important to occasionally stop and evaluate how you are spending your time.  Are you happy with the way you’re spending your time. If you’re not, there are ways to change!

Ask someone how they are doing. What will people say much of the time?

“Oh, I’m fine…busy!”

I’ve done it myself a hundred times. With life moving by at a mile a minute (and going faster everyday), what are you doing for yourself? There’s nothing selfish about taking time for you! If you are too busy to take time for yourself, then change it. Life is too short to get caught up in our routines and miss the whole thing!

What would make you happy? Whatever it is, add it into your routine. Do you love to read but have no time? Get up a half hour early and read! Don’t want to lose the sleep? Try audio-books on the way to work or while you’re making dinner or while you’re getting ready.

Stop wishing you were more relaxed, skinnier, happier, read more, had more friends, spent more time with family, had more money, etc…just do it already! Start by looking at where you are actually spending your time and make changes accordingly.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Dr. Cameron Dennis, PT, DPT

IG: @scdennisdpt