Hugs for Henry

Last month, a local boy named Henry was diagnosed with brain cancer. He is only 2 years old and one of the sweetest children I’ve ever met. He happens to be the son of my best friend, whom I’ve known since the 7th grade. As a parent, you know that bad things will happen to your kids and you try to prepare yourself for them.

For most 2 year olds, the worst thing that happens is hitting their nose on an open cabinet or pulling the tail of the wrong cat. These things are expected and can be easily dealt with and fixed. No parent should ever have to learn that their child has cancer of any kind. And they shouldn’t have to hear that their child has an aggressive brain tumor the size of an apple, requiring immediate brain surgery.

How can you prepare for something like this? You can’t. You always think, “that will never happen to me”. Luckily for most people, that’s true.

For those wondering how he’s doing, let me share with you! He’s doing extensive rehab at Children’s Hospital following brain surgery. He’s regaining use of his right arm and leg and has even started walking with a children’s “walker/scooter”. He’s beginning to regain a little bit of that charm that he had prior to surgery and is starting to eat more normal foods.

The news is oftentimes negative and it’s rare that we hear about the positive actions of mankind. I’m writing this to share with you the generosity and support that his family has gotten since receiving the diagnosis.

He has received thousands of dollars in aid from local families, to help his parents with medical bills, babysitting expenses for his big brothers, transportation costs and other expenses. There’s been several fundraisers including “Cycling 100 Miles for Childhood Cancer” and  “Go Fund Me” (Hugs for Henry), which have been amazing!

After a recording of the Henry singing a famous country song, “Small Town USA” became “viral” online, country music star, Justin Moore, sent him an encouraging video and said that he’d love to get him to a show once he’s feeling up to it!

Thousands of people from around the world have come together to support young Henry and his family. His family feel incredibly blessed to have this kind of support. The diagnosis of brain cancer, especially for a child of two years old, can leave the parents feeling hopeless. However, the positive energy and incredible support from the community can at least help to take some of the pressure off his family.

Don’t take even a single day for granted. Show your family how much you love them. Be present every day and be thankful for every minute.

Henry will likely be undergoing cancer treatment for the next year. To help him get through this battle, please visit “Hugs for Henry” on Facebook,  consider donating to his “Go Fund Me” (Hugs for Henry) or “Cycling 100 Miles for Childhood Cancer” led by Michael Manger.


Thanks for reading, and please say a prayer for Henry and his family.


Dr. Cameron Dennis, PT, DPT

Back on Track Therapy and Wellness

Wapakoneta and Lima