My name is Gail and I met Cameron the end of June 2016 when I was a patient on a rehab ward. I had an ill reverse affect from chemo. When I met Cameron I was unable to walk at all or even stand for 45 seconds. I started working with Cameron at standing first we got my standing up to 1 minute and he wanted to know if I would try e-stem to help build my quads. With in a couple of weeks I was standing up to 10 minutes (I had a real fear of falling since I had fallen several times before I came to rehab. He said he wouldn’t let me fall, I jokingly said if I did it wouldn’t be hard since he was holding on to me he bent down and looked me in the eyes and said again he wouldn’t let me fall) and with his help and guiding my feet I started taking some steps. Believe me 10 steps felt like I walked a mile. At that point I really had hope that I would walk again up to that point I wasn’t sure.

Next he got me into aqua therapy. That was on July 28th. We did that 3 times a week for 45 minutes at a time. We did all kinds of exercise; practiced standing; squats, marching and within 2 weeks I was walking in the pool with out help. Now I had to be taken in and out of the pool in a special wheelchair. By the end of August I was able to walk in and out of the pool with help. Now we were still working on the dry land skills too. The more strength I got in my legs and arms the more I was expected to do or wanted to do. Before I knew it we were walking 100 feet; 375 feet then 500 feet. We went from the wheelchair to a walker to the cane.

I truly believe that I would not be where I am today or not as far if Cameron hadn’t been willing to take that extra time to look into my case. I still have some work to do I still work out at the pool and on dry land. Cameron texts me and keeps checking on my progress. I am able to do some walking without the cane in my home; even though I am using a cane I am cooking; shopping taking care of my self and I’m driving again. I have my independence and I owe a lot if not all to Cameron. I am so glad I had the chance to have him as my physical therapist and now a life time friend. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
— Gail, Wapakoneta

Jerry’s experience:
I’m moving better, I’m up on my feet more, I’m out of my chair more. I’ve been able to do some sweeping, even go to the grocery store without the cane! I feel a lot “looser”. When I get out of here each session I feel like I’ve gotten a good workout! I’ve started to get into bed, which I haven’t done in 17 years. You showed me how to get off the floor in case I were to fall. I was pretty dormant, like a doormat for the last 6 months. I now have more confidence walking! I couldn’t even sit upright before but now, here I am! I’m walking into the store without a cane and going to breakfast with my grandkids!
— Jerry, Cridersville

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Cameron Dennis as a very knowledgable professional physical therapist. Mid-summer, I broke my arm due to a fall. Seven pins and four screws were placed during surgery. I was told my healing process would take three months and physical therapy was ordered by my doctor.
My journey of healing has been an ongoing challenge; however, how blessed I have been to find Cameron to be my physical therapist. His continual caring nature has given me great encouragement. His vast knowledge has helped me to understand my injury and the positive role physical therapy continues to play in my recovery. Educating the patient is very important! Cameron would show me models and diagrams that gave me needed understanding.
Cameron has truly been sunshine rays during my difficult journey. How blessed I am to have such a professional, knowledgable, and caring physical therapist! I wanted to share my thoughts of appreciation for Cameron so that many who find themselves in the need of physical therapy may also be blessed with “sunshine rays” along their journey of recovery!
Thank you Cameron for your excellent care! You have been a precious blessing in my time of need!
— Helen, Cridersville

I have always suffered with neck pain, even severe at times. For the 1st time in my life, I can actually claim to be pain free. Dr Cameron Dennis has performed different types of physical therapy on my neck and other muscles that affect the neck area. He has also taught me different types of exercises to be consistent with to keep those muscles strong. I am so very thankful for the time he has given me. I can’t imagine going back to those days that were full of pain. I would highly recommend Dr Cameron Dennis to anyone needing physical therapy. He will not give up on you!!
— Kim, Wapakoneta

Dr. Dennis helped me with some upper back pain that I had been dealing with for months. He showed me how to use a foam roller to relax my tense muscles and no more pain! What a relief!
— Sara, Wapakoneta

Dr. Cameron Dennis is the kind of physical therapist we all should feel lucky to have access to. He’s full of knowledge and advice that can benefit anyone who’s dealing with pain or is looking to improve their performance. Highly recommended!!
— Brett

Dr. Cameron Dennis is an exceptional physical therapist who always puts his patients first and stays ahead of the game! I would recommend him to anyone looking to excel in their health or rehab journey.
— Melissa

Dr. Cameron Dennis, DPT has the experience in the field of physical therapy as well as the passion and care to guide you through your health and rehab journey. You’re in great hands.
— Casey